Dedicated to Helping Improve Mental Health & Wellbeing in Sri Lanka

Charity Started: 2006
Focused: Trauma mental health & psychoilogoical
Located: Sri Lanka

Samutthāna was established in 2006 by the UK Sri Lanka Trauma Group, with the support of CAFOD, The Institute of Psychiatry - King’s College London, and the South London and Maudsley NHS Trust in the UK, to respond to the necessity for upgrading of community-based services to improve mental health of the population of Sri Lanka. Samutthāna’s programmes support training and support at the grass roots level, while the UK Sri Lanka Trauma Group advocates at the regional and national levels for greater recognition, resource allocation, and policy development in various areas of mental health.

The main aim of Samutthana is to provide training and support for organisations and individuals responding to the mental health needs of those in Sri Lanka. The Samutthana Centre in Colombo houses a resource library of books, CD’s and journals for mental health professionals, counsellors, doctors, nurses, psychologists, teachers and others engaged in trauma, mental health and psychosocial work. Through the provision of material, resources and expert volunteers, the centre aims to help develop skills in mental health workers and continue to support, monitor and evaluate their work though supervision.

Samutthana is a non political and non profit organisation. Their main objectives are to:

Maintain a Resource Centre for Trauma, Displacement, and Mental Health.

Engage in training activities to develop and enhance the skills of Sri Lankan individuals, both professionals and otherwise, to deal with the psychological impact of traumatic events, displacement and mental health issues in general.

Contribute to the development of an infrastructure in Sri Lanka to effectively deal with disaster situations.

Work towards enhancing the skills base of Sri Lankans to deal with Mental Health problems in both children and adults

Do research work in the areas of Trauma, Displacement and Mental Health in accordance with international ethical standards and ethical frameworks in Sri Lanka.

Contribute to policy development in the areas of Trauma, Displacement and Mental Health.

Work towards developing a supervision infrastructure in Sri Lanka to maintain skills and to enhance the quality of psychological work.

Contribute to Peace and Reconciliation work in relation to the civil conflict in Sri Lanka.