Dedicated to Helping Improve Mental Health & Wellbeing in Sri Lanka and UK through Training and Capacity Building.

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We are a capacity building charity and provide training and workshops that cover a broad range of mental health topics for a wide range of professionals and others working with people affected by mental health issues. We have been raising awareness of the psychological impact of trauma and a variety of mental health difficulties for over two decades.

25,000+ people have attended training workshops

70+ organisations supported in Sri Lanka 

Facilitated 40+ UK professionals to volunteer in Sri Lanka

Established the first Clinical Psychology course in Sri Lankan

Our History

The UKSLTG was formed by group of expatriate  and British mental health professionals who came together to find a practical way of working in partnership with professionals in Sri Lanka to respond to the continuing war related trauma in the country.

These links serve to inform the group of areas of need where help can be channelled. See ‘Our Workstreams’ for key areas of our work.

Our Key Objectives

Working towards increasing awareness of mental health issues and psychological wellbeing.

Helping to increase the skills of front-line workers in Sri Lanka, by offering high quality teaching and training
across different skill levels and within a broad range of fields of mental health.

Helping develop mental health infrastructure, influence policy and service development.

Channelling expertise and other resources available in the UK to help in these efforts, 
including raising funds to be able to maintain a resource base and conduct the work carried out in Sri Lanka.

Our Workstreams

Trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Alcohol misuse and other substances

Response to psychological impact of COVID 19

War Widows

Disabilities (including soldiers and ex-combatants)

Internally Displaced

Reconciliation Work