Dedicated to Helping Improve Mental Health & Wellbeing in Sri Lanka

Our History

In 1996, a group of expatriate Sri Lankan and British mental health professionals came together to find a practical way of working in partnership with professionals in Sri Lanka respond to the continuing war related trauma in the country. They held the first conference on the psychological aspects of trauma in collaboration with the Sri Lankan Medical Association in Colombo in 1996 and followed this up with a variety of workshops and training sessions for medical practitioners, policy makers and  leaders in education.

In 1999, the group registered as the UK Sri Lanka Trauma Group (UKSLTG) Charity in the United Kingdom.  UKSLTG has forged relationships with numerous individuals and voluntary bodies who are engaged in trauma and mental health work in Sri Lanka. These links serve to inform the group of areas of need where help can be channelled. See ‘Our Strategy’ for how we go about offering this help.

Our Key Objectives

Working towards increasing awareness of mental health issues and psychological wellbeing.

Helping to increase the skills of front-line workers in Sri Lanka, by offering high quality teaching and training across different skill levels and within a broad range of fields of mental health.

Helping develop mental health infrastructure and influencing policy development.

To channel expertise and other resources available in the UK and the West to practically help in these efforts, including raising funds to be able to maintain a resource base and conduct the work.

Our Strategy

Our primary strategy is via capacity building, running workshops, teaching, training courses. We offer this training via a number of key and identified work streams such as

Trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Disabilities (including soldiers and ex-combatants)

Alcohol misuse and other substances

War Widows

Internally Displaced

Reconciliation Work