Establishing the M.Phil Course in Clinical Psychology at the University of Colombo. 

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One of the major achievements of the UKSLTG and Samutthãna is the establishment of Sri Lanka’s first training course in Clinical Psychology. At the time of the Tsunami, Sri Lanka could identify only six Clinical Psychologists in the country and reports on the psychosocial response to the tsunami by the WHO and others highlighted the country’s need for trained psychologists. In 2008, the UKSLTG and Samutthãna, with the help of a generous grant from the Lupina Foundation of Canada, succeeded in establishing the two-year M.Phil Course in Clinical Psychology at the Faculty of Graduate Studies at the University of Colombo. To date more than 50 Clinical Psychologists have graduated from the course and are now working in key sectors in health and social care in the country. In the aftermath of the tragic Easter Sunday bombings in 2019, graduates from this course and others who received training from Samutthãna were at the forefront of the psychosocial response to it.