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Executive Committee

Dr Shamil Wanigaratne

Clinical Psychologist | Chair

Shamil co-founded the UKSLTG and has served as chair since 2009.

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Dr Laura Kemmis

Clinical Psychologist | Vice Chair 

Laura has been actively involved with the UKSLTG since 2011 and served as Vice Chair from 2013-2018 and was re-elected as Vice Chair in 2020.

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Amandeep Deol

Honorary Secretary

Amandeep joined the UKSLTG in 2020 as Honorary Secretary following some years living in Sri Lanka where she volunteered with Samutthana. 

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Gamini De Silva

Honorary Treasurer

Garmini joined the UKSLTG in 2020 as Honorary Treasurer following several years volunteering for Samutthana in Sri Lanka

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Dorian Cole

NMC Nurse | Membership Secretary

Dorian joined the UKSLTG as Membership Secretary following six months volunteering in Sri Lanka with Samutthana where he co-ran the first CBT programme, working with the Ministry of Health.

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Dr Lorna Fortune

Counselling Psychologist | Volunteer

Lorna became a member of the UKSLTG in 2015 after spending six months volunteering in Sri Lanka with Samutthana, following this she joined the executive committee and took on the role of Volunteer Coordinator.

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Neil DS Lekamge

Executive Committee

Neil joined the UK SLTG in 2014 and became part of the Executive Committee in2021. He has trained many practitioners in Sri Lanka on Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy.

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Dr Shanty Parameswaren

Consultant child and Adolescent Psychiatrist (retired) | Executive Committee

Shanty is an EC member of the UKSLTG and has provided training, consultation, and supervision to volunteers and staff at hospitals and community sites during and since the civil war in Sri Lanka.

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Rachel Tribe

Consultant Counselling Psychologist | Executive member 

Rachel joined the executive committee of the UKSLTG in 1996 and has been a member of the UK Sri Lanka Trauma group since its inception. She has worked in partnership with numerous groups throughout Sri Lanka since the late 1980s.

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Bill McGowan

Nurse Senior Lecturer (retired) | Executive Committee Member

Bill joined the UKSLTG in 2010. He has worked to promote the participation of mental health nursing students and individuals with historical ‘lived experience’ of mental health problems and the impact of service interventions within the volunteering programme.

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Dr Colin McGuinness

Clinical and Educational Psychologist (retired) | Executive Committee

Colin joined the UKSLTG in 2013. He has provided training and support to students and other professionals involved in providing mental health and special educational services in different locations across Sri Lanka.

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