Improving Mental Health and Reducing Economic Hardship of Vulnerable Women and Communities in Northern Sri Lanka.

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In 2015 a joint application between World Vision and Samutthãna to the European Union on a project on empowering women in the post conflict zone in Northern Sri Lanka was successful and the project was implemented between 2016 and 2018. Samutthãna was primarily responsible for the training and mental health capacity building aspects of the project. Members of the UKSLTG worked closely with Samutthãna in implementing this project, from developing training curricula to direct involvement in training and supervision.

Working with the premise that good mental health is key to recovery, empowerment and economic development of this population, a workshop programme targeting health professionals, counsellors and community support officers and subsequently the community directly was conducted. At the end of the project period 342 health professionals and workers, and 4047 individuals from the community who included teachers, students, civil society leaders and government officials participated in the workshops, with the actual numbers exceeding the targets set.