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Volunteering for UKSLTG was a life changing experience both personally and professionally. It was a brilliant opportunity to consolidate my skills post doctorate as well as develop my training and consultation skills. There were many  highlights but teaching the tree of life and hearing the stories of inspirational counsellors as well as lecturing on the Mphil Clinical Psychology course and climbing Adam's peak were particularly stand out moments. 10 years later I have remained in close contact with the charity and have returned to Sri Lanka several times for subsequent projects as well as supporting the charity within the UK.” 
Dr Anita Marsden

As an organisation we are entirely run by volunteers and we are always very keen to grow our volunteer resource both in the UK and placements in Sri Lanka. Our aim is to help with capacity building in Sri Lanka and we are actively seeking mental health professionals who have the expertise to help support and develop the skills of Sri Lankan professionals and organisations and ensure growth and sustainability of the projects we work with. 

We are particularly interested in mental health professionals (e.g. Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Nurses etc) with experience and skills in providing training, clinical supervision, consultation and service development & evaluation in the field of trauma.

Due to Covid travel restrictions we are currently unable to offer any volunteer placements that involve travel to Sri Lanka, however we are very motivated and excited to expand our e-volunteering opportunities particularly in the areas of training and clinical supervision.  

Volunteer Pathway: Two different options to support

If you are interested in volunteering please contact us with an expression of interest and your CV, we will then arrange an interview with two members of the executive committee. This will be an opportunity to consider your areas of interest and the skills and expertise you have to offer, along with finding out more about the projects and opportunities UKSLTG has to offer.

In Country Volunteering 

When travels restrictions to Sri Lanka are lifted  we hope that we will be to able gradually resume our voluntary placement in Sri Lanka. The UKSLTG provides support to volunteers by helping to arrange a visa and provide support on practicalities, such as booking flights, organising vaccinations, accommodation and fundraising etc. We also provide a UK based clinical supervisor who will support volunteers throughout their placement; beginning with preparations in the UK country support throughout their time in Sri Lanka via Skype and email. Whilst in Sri Lanka, our partner organisation Samuthana will arrange an induction and provide in-country support throughout the placement. On return to the Uk, the UK supervisor will provide support with debrief and disseminating learning and achievements.


 If e-volunteering, the UKSLTG will match the volunteer’s areas of interest and expertise to specific training and supervision needs that have been identified within organisations that we work with in Sri Lanka. Clinical supervision and support will be provided by a UKSLTG EC member for the duration of the voluntary placement. The clinical supervisor will support the volunteer to develop training programs and/ or supervision that can be delivered remotely from within the UK. 

We expect volunteers to be self-funding, we will support volunteers with fundraising activities